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Ring Crown Cap Sealing Heads

For Most Makes of Crown Cappers

Sealing heads are available for most makes of crown cappers. Capping machines from Krones, KHS, Arol, Simonazzi, Melegari, H&K, SEN, Nagema and many others have been converted to use ring crown caps. RingCrown technology makes available sealing heads for glass, plastic and metal bottles. Modified RingCrown sealing heads are available for different bottle shapes such as ´stubby´ bottle designs.

Click here to see a video on how to service ring crown cap sealing heads.

Sealing of Metal and Plastic Bottles With Ring Crown Caps

Thanks to specially adapted sealing heads metal and plastic bottles can be sealed with ring crown caps. Sealing is at a very low top pressure to prevent the bottle from being crushed during sealing. Quality of seal and opening performance is optimised when capping with these sealing heads. Using sealing heads designed for glass bottles is not recommended with plastic or metal bottles.


Ring crown cap sealing heads designed for aluminium and plastic bottles
were used to seal these ring crown caps.


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