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Crown Cork Bottle Caps

Crown caps 26mm

We manufacture crown cork bottle caps with different lining materials, in standard Pantone PMS colours, with neutral one colour printing, multicolour printing or customer designed printing using the offset printing method. We also make crown caps with inside printing.

Our crown caps are made of tinplate, electrolytically lined with tin, or TFS steel , chromium plated sheet metal, according to DIN 6099.

A range of crown caps are available in standard stock colours.

Crown cork bottle caps stock colour rage

See our crown cap colour range on this page link or click the photo above.

Request information about crown cork bottle caps by clicking Crown cork bottle caps to send an enquiry to Finn-Korkki Oy.

Crown cork bottle cap dimensions

Instructions for printing Crown cork and RingCrown ring pull caps

Crown caps 29mm

Finn-Korkki provides 29 mm crown corks, made from steel for glass bottles. Crown caps ensure maximum sealing pressure and good hermetic seal for vast range of drinks, both sparkling and natural, such as water, beer, energy drinks and wines. 

This slightly larger crown cap is used to cap champagne-styles bottles and larger volume bottles, like a 750ml craft beer bottle. Currently 29mm crown caps are in stock in five colours gold, silver, white, black & red. Like Finn-Korkki's 26mm crown caps order volumes are kept flexible with minimum orders set at a level to assist in a brands growth from day one.

Decorated 29mm crown caps are also available with printed logo or design when the brand demands it. Contact Finn-Korkki for more information about printing options.

Request information about crown cork 29mm bottle caps by clicking Crown cork bottle caps to send an enquiry to Finn-Korkki.

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