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42 mm RipCap

The RipCap 42mm closure is an easy-to-use, wide mouth ring pull cap suitable for use on a wide variety of beverages.

A wide mouth RipCap, is a ring pull cap that offers beverage manufacturers a safe, convenient alternative to standard caps. Success can be attributed to these key features:

  • Product Presentation / Differentiation
    RipCap differentiates product packs from generic forms of packaging. RipCap differentiates in several ways; with an innovative opening experience, audibily and visually. The wide mouthed smooth container finish offers a high level of drinkability, differentiating the user's drinking experience.
  • Branding
    The RipCap's shell and ring pull can be decorated to suit a customer's specified design, giving effective impact at customer level.
  • Tamper Evidence RipCap ring pull caps are acknowledged as offering excellent product protection. RipCap® is highy tamper evident in a one piece closure.
  • Convenience
    RipCap ring pull caps are easily opened by the consumer. No tools are required - the closure is removed by placing a finger through the ring, then pulling out, up and off, in a single smooth flowing action.
  • Performance
    Utilising specially tempered aluminium, and selected sealing and lining systems, the wide mouth RipCap® closure is suitable for carbonated and still products, and can withstand normal forces encountered with pasteurisation, hot fill and sterilisation processes.
  • Flexibility
    The RipCap is an easy-to-use, wide mouth ring pull cap suitable for use on a wide variety of beverages.
  • Clean / Safe
    Will not corrode or contaminate contents.

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