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Luxury Aluminium Closures

Finn-Korkki has, with partners, over many years built a strong set of skills in luxury aluminium closure design, development and manufacture. These skills have allowed us to offer luxury aluminium closure solutions to Absolut Vodka and Danzka Vodka amongst others. Finn-Korkki's key skills are in offering design ideas, experience of stamping aluminium of various thicknesses and knowledge of techniques for securing a plastic thread into an aluminium cap.

The Absolut Vodka Luxury Aluminium Bottle Closure

Since May 2000 Finn-Korkki has been manufacturing the Absolut Vodka bottle closure. It was an interesting experience to develop a new bottle closure together with a Swedish enterprise to fullfill the The Absolut Company's high requirements for the bottle closure. The Absolut design and marketing philosophy is well known all over the world with Absolut Vodka being a market leader.


The Danzka Luxury Aluminium Bottle Closure

With continued success of the Absolut Vodka closure Finn-Korkki was approached to assist in the design, development and manufacture of a luxury aluminium closure for the Danzka brand. Finn-Korkki's aluminium cap with a plastic thread insert is now to be found on the Danzka aluminium bottle. Danzka's change from a plastic cap to a luxury aluminium closure strengthened the brand message from the packaging side.


LuxTop Luxury Aluminium Bottle Closures

Veen Waters approached Finn-Korkki in 2006 to design, develop and manufacture them a luxury aluminium closure. The chosen closure solution created LuxTop® from Finn-Korkki; a luxury aluminium closure with a plastic 28mm thread insert. Aluminium closures give an excellent look and feel that naturally support premium brand values. The top of the closure can be embossed to add a smoothness to the look and feel of the aluminium closure. LuxTop is now used by many brands looking to add that premium look and feel to their bottle.

LuxTop luxury aluminum closures with customised options

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