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Finn-Korkki have had recently an increasing demand to supply 29mm crown caps. In response to this demand a selection of 29mm crown caps in plain stock colours are now available direct from our warehouse in Hämeenlinna. This size of crown cap is popular with craft breweries who use it on 750ml bottles. The application range includes beer, cider, wine, juice.

In Europe, the steel recycling rate has reached a new milestone, 82.5%, according to the newest study of APEAL, Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging. APEAL’s data from 2018, also confirms steel as Europe’s most recycled primary packaging material.

Using bottle caps made from steel, such as crown caps or RingCrown caps, provides numerous benefits for beverage manufacturers. 

At Finn-Korkki we are environmentally conscious, and we want to do our part to curb the climate change. As one measure, we have increased the share of renewable energy as a source of heating and electricity.

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