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What is Finn-Korkki’s MOQ?

Recent years have seen TRIPLE digit growth in the number of micro-breweries opening in Europe.

A similar trend is seen in several countries across the world and also for other beverages, like kombucha tea. The growth in micro-breweries is one of the reasons Finn-Korkki is asked frequently what is our minimum order quantity, MOQ?

When considering from a production view then perhaps one pallet should be a minimum. However many micro-breweries require a quarter pallet or less. And even this volume of 100,000 crown caps is often more than the brewer's annual sales forecast. A MOQ has never been written down by Finn-Korkki. The question when asked is answered by turning the question round to ask what is our customer’s needs? This is in keeping with the wanting to treat each customer individually. Considering this need, adjustments to the cap production and pricing were made to be able to offer decorated caps by the box. This option is possible for crown caps, RingCrown and RipCap closures.

This is not a new service but with the rapid growth in micro-breweries it is a service that is being offered more often.

On this link you can Find out more about our range of caps

And on this link an enquiry can be sent to sales

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