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The logistics world has gone through and continues to go through a lot of changes and uncertainty over the last 2 years. Never before seen challenges! The whole supply chain is complex and is sensitive to changes. Goods reach and leave Finn-Korkki through a chain of companies. Typically, our supply chain includes one or more levels of manufacturers of raw material, logistics firms, Finn-Korkki’s production of metal bottle caps, logistics firms, bottling plants (our customers) and then retailers before the packaging made by Finn-Korkki reaches the hands of the consumer.

Did you know that Finn-Korkki’s roots go all the way to 1868? A lot has changed since we started but a lot has stayed the same. The core of our everyday life is the pure enthusiasm for our products, our company, you the customer and your brands. Finn-Korkki's story is now expressed in video.

Finn-Korkki have had recently an increasing demand to supply 29mm crown caps. In response to this demand a selection of 29mm crown caps in plain stock colours are now available direct from our warehouse in Hämeenlinna. This size of crown cap is popular with craft breweries who use it on 750ml bottles. The application range includes beer, cider, wine, juice.

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