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Steel packaging breaks recycling rate record

Did you know that the recycling rate of steel packaging in Europe has hit an all time high of 85,5%? This marks the 10th consecutive year of steel packaging breaking the recycling rate record, see chart below. These are important steps towards a truly circular economy.

Finn-Korkki’s Crown Caps and RingCrown closures are made using recycled steel. The proportion of recycled steel depends on availability at time of production of the steel. Our caps can be recycled again after use. Steel, being a permanent material, can be recycled over and over again without losing its quality. 

Recycling more caps, closures & lids is a key focus of the European recycing industry in 2022, according to APEAL's 'Why Steel Recycles Forever' report. Different countries have different levels of success in ensuing these smaller metal items, less than 50 to 60 mm in size, are recyled. The size of caps, closures & lids meant in the past that it was easy for them to be excluded from the sorting process. Now the industry have been adding processes and additional machinery to sort these smaller items. In doing so keeping this source of high quality steel within the recycling process. With caps, closures & lids representing 10% of steel placed on the European market this is a significant quantity too.

Steel is strong, formable and long-lasting giving many benefits for the safe packaging of beverages. Such as, being widely used for hermetically closing bottles and with a 100% barrier against light, air & water steel caps minimise loss in the supply chain. 

Evolution of steel recycling rate


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