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Finn-Korkki’s steel bottle caps help lead the way with the highest European recycling rates

In Europe, the steel recycling rate has reached a new milestone, 82.5%, according to the newest study of APEAL, Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging. APEAL’s data from 2018, also confirms steel as Europe’s most recycled primary packaging material.

The map below shows how steel packaging is recycled in each European country. Image source: APEAL

2018 metal recycling rates in Europe map

Durable, formable, and recyclable steel – Perfect for bottle caps

Using bottle caps made from steel, such as crown caps or RingCrown caps, provides numerous benefits for beverage manufacturers. Steel is exceptionally strong, formable, durable, and yet, the most recycled packaging material in Europe. Steel is efficiently recovered from waste streams due to magnetic properties and can be recycled forever without any loss of material quality.

These facts prove the advantages of using steel to make bottle caps. Our steel bottle caps, RingCrown caps and crown caps, also withstand higher internal pressure and therefore are suitable for carbonated, non-carbonated, pasteurised, and non-pasteurised drinks.

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