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26 mm Ring Crown Cap

Ring Crown - Ring Pull Crown Caps!

The Ring Crown cap is an easy to open ring pull bottle cap. Grow your traditional markets or bring benefits to new markets by giving your customers the convenience of Ring Crown caps.

A Ring Crown ring pull bottle cap is made of steel the same material as a traditional crown cork bottle cap. Ring Crown caps are the same diameter as crown corks, it fits the same bottle mouth. RingCrown withstands a higher internal pressure and is suitable for carbonated as well as non-carbonated, pasteurised and non-pasteurised drinks.

Apart from the easy to open consumer benefit, an additional benefit of a Ring Crown is the highly tamper evident design of the Ring Crown cap. The consumer can see instantly if the ring pull cap has been tampered with or opened, because of the construction of the metal bottle cap.

Finn-Korkki print to both sides of the metal cap, when requested, to make the Ring Crown cap an even more effective marketing tool.

Suitable for glass, plastic and aluminium bottles a Ring Crown ring pull cap adds to the uniqueness of your bottled drink.

Ring Crown is most hygienic since capping occurs early in the process and the seal corresponds to the shape of the bottle mouth. Ring Crown caps have VLB (Versuchs und Lehranstalt für Brauerei) approval and conforms to DIN-norms.

Ring Crown ring pull bottle caps are successful in many countries globally. In these countries Ring Crown ring pull bottle caps have been used across a wide range of beverage markets for example: beer, energy drinks, wines and mineral waters. The biggest market is beer where Ring Crown caps are used, distinctively, on glass, plastic and aluminium bottles.

Ring Crown - Ring Pull Crown Caps on Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are established in several beer markets or segments. The easy open Ring Crown bottle cap is a perfect choice for the bottle that is enjoyed outside. The ring pull bottle cap has an appearance that is popular especially among the youth market but is also well accepted by all target groups.

The bottler benefits with increased design flexibility of the bottle due to the low top pressure of less than 15 kg required for sealing. For example a bottleneck support ring is not required for sealing with Ring Crown caps. A standard crown cork bottle mouth is all that is required. All crowners can be converted to Ring Crown with minimum investment. The change over between crown cork and Ring Crown takes about a hour.

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